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hip dysplasia

Anyone with experience with bilateral hip dysplasia?  My daughter was diagnosed in the hospital, and is currently wearing a pavlik harness.  Just looking for some support :-)


Re: hip dysplasia

  • I was in a cast for about 3-4 months when I was an infant because of this. I really don't know that much about it other than when I delivered DS they wanted to be careful of pushing back to far and hurting my hip joints. Other than that I've been active and healthy since they took the casts off. I've always played sports and worked out with no isssues. Sometimes when it's cold they ache but nothing bad.

    I know it was tiring on my mom to clean up after I would go the bathroom, she brings it up every birthday :) I guess it was tricky with the casts on. But she always says they didn't seem to bother me, hopefully it's the same for your little girl ;)

  • I just replied to someone's post about this below.

    Let me know what your questions are....yes, it sucks but honestly it is way harder on mom than baby.

    My DD actually goes for her 6-month post-harness followup on Thursday.

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