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Snacks at Preschool

DS is about to start a preschool where each day a parent is responsible for bringing snack for everyone.  The school sent home a list of approved snacks.  My question is the drinks.  We're supposed to bring either whole milk or 100% juice. 

I find this odd as the daycare DS previously attended sent home a note that per new guidelines, children over 2 were going to get 1% milk. (And my pedi had me switch to 2% at 2 years and we recently switched to 1%).  DS also doesn't drink juice except for really rare occasions.  So I'm worried about going from no juice to potentially 3 times a week...would this concern you?  Is this normal?  It just seems outdated to me...

ETA:  Should have mentioned, he'll be in a 3/4 room.

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Re: Snacks at Preschool

  • Hmm, it seems odd to me. I'm sure you could bring it up with the school director and maybe other parents have had the same concern. Water or milk are great drinks since there is a lot of concern from doctors over too much juice.
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  • We are really new to preschool (week 4 here), but our school does a similar thing. We provide the snack each day for our own child, but take turns providing drinks for the whole class. We were told to bring in a juice box or Capri Sun or similar, but were given no other guidelines. AFAIK, DS has had juice each day since he started (he doesn't drink milk). I'm not totally bent out of shape about it since I allow juice in moderation (he gets OJ for breakfast), but he is starting to get a ton more since he goes 4 days a week. I can see how that could be an issue for parents worried.

    Our teacher did indicate that we could send a water bottle/sippy cup if we preferred him to have just water, but I can't see that going over well with DS, so it's a battle I've chosen not to pick. But I'm sure that could be an option for you. I'd talk to the teacher.


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  • I do think that is odd, we send in our own snacks.  3 times a week, eh, I'd be ok with that I think.  My DS doesn't drink juice, so I'd tell them I'm sending in a water bottle for him and please make sure he gets it at snack.  You could do that (and I'd prep my kid for it too, tell him that you don't want him drinking juice everyday b/c it's bad for his teeth, my kids would understand that).
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  • Our preschool generally serves water with snacks, except for if a parent happens to bring in a drink w/their snack for the day.  Honestly, it's only 3 days a week.  Other than maybe ask if water could be in the 'rotation' sometimes, I wouldn't worry about it.  I certainly wouldn't send something else for my child to drink- it's not that big of a deal.  I also didn't really give juice to my kids, but once they hit preschool- a few times a week isn't going to hurt them. 
  • I feel like 3/4 year olds aren't going to want to drink whole milk!  Our preschool has us send a water bottle everyday and they also provide snack (an issue for my son).
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  • I find the whole milk thing kind of odd.  The juice thing, ehh...if it is one glass a few days a week, so don't see that being a bif deal.  Maybe ask if your DS could be given water instead if it is a concern.
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  • We're a whole milk family so the milk wouldn't bother me at all. The juice, OTOH... DD drinking it 3x/wk would be fine but the main reason we don't let her have it is because once she gets a taste it's all she wants. She's like a crackhead whose entire purpose becomes getting the next hit and I really really don't like the battles it causes she we just don't do juice.
  • That's the thing with the juice - I don't want him to get used to it and start asking for it all the time.  I love that he asks for milk or water right now...because that's all he knows.  Oh well.  It'll work out, I just wanted some other opinions.
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  • DD has juice at school almost every day w/ her afternoon snack.  She still asks for milk or water about 80% of the time.  I dilute it sometimes and sometimes I give her a juice box if we are out.  She's happy with all options, but she still asks for milk or water most of the time.
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  • ghccghcc member

    I don't have any advice, but I just wanted to say that I agree - I think it sounds odd and outdated. My DD (same age as your DS) rarely has juice, and I like it like that. I would think that they would at least offer water as an option...and the whole milk thing? That's just weird. Maybe you could present those new guidelines to the director?

     Our new preschool provides snacks, mostly crackers and cookies that we don't eat much of at home (we sent snacks to our previous one...which was great because I could send healthier options.) I am going to try to just let it go and come to terms with what they are serving...but I know that will probably last about 2 weeks before I start recommending some changes. :-)


  • Honestly, for me the 100% juice would be less of a concern than all the junky snacks that the other parents are going to send.  In the two weeks since school started, he has yet to have a day that he doesn't have crackers, cookies, brownies or rice crispy treats as his snack or part of the snack.  Total junk, and that's WITH a significant portion of the handbook dedicated to suggested snacks that are actually healthy.  Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to our snack day next week.

    At DS' school  the kids get to choose 1% white or chocolate milk from the school's cafeteria to go with their snack.  Honestly, I'm not sure which is worse IMO...chocolate milk or juice.  But, the only thing I can do is talk to him about healthy choices and hope that he makes good choices most of the time, and honestly, he has.  He had chocolate milk the first two days one of which the cafeteria ran out of white milk b/c he's in the afternoon PS class which gets their snack after all the older kids eat lunch, but then the new wore off.  Since then, he's chosen white milk every day.

    Moral of the story?  If you've taught DC to eat a well-rounded, overall healthy diet, a little juice at school isn't going to be that big of a deal IMO.  You're going to have to let go at some point, and this is certainly better than koolaid or soda.  Keep giving her healthy options at home, and talk about making good food choices.  Teach her about moderation...not just by example but by actually talking about it and what it means.  

  • I don't think juice is a super big concern 3 times a week if it's the right kind of juice. I'd bring orange, apple, grape or cranberry juice and even dilute it with a little water or ice.  Pineapple juice may be a good option, too; although some children may have to become used to drinking it.  
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