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  • Yep, I did. But it was negative. On the plus side, I got another cyst from the Clomid! So I get to sit this next cycle out while I take the BCP again! Yay!!!!!

    I'm getting really, really depressed about this whole situation. Just when you think there's no hope left to lose...

    But the good news is that my husband is coming around on the idea of financing IVF. I hope we don't get to that point, obviously, but if we do he just wanted to save up for it. Which, even in the very best case scenario (which is unlikely) would take almost a year. And I just don't think I have the emotional strength to wait that long. So when I was crying last week about another failed cycle he started asking how we could get a loan for IVF. Through the bank? I told him what I knew, about the programs out there, and he seemed interested. So I'm hoping he's coming around to the idea. I know that saving up would be more practical, and I'm only 27 so we still have some time, but I feel like financial concerns are not always more important than emotional concerns, yk? We could still live well if we got a loan for IVF, it would just prolong us reaching our financial goals for a few years. I could live with that. Smile

    Thanks for checking in on me! If I get KU I'm telling my husband then you, in that order!

  • Seriously, a BFN and another cyst?  Boo.  It is high time for the Universe to give you a break my friend. 

    Is the plan still for injectibles next cycle?  If I'm remembering right, at your age that should double your success rate per cycle, so there's a nugget of hope.  I really hope one of these cycles makes the whole IVF point irrelevant very soon, but am glad your DH is on board with going forward sooner rather than later for mental health reasons if that's what you need to do (and at your age the success rates for IVF are really good).  I'm confident you'll get there, just not at all in the road you thought when you were starting this journey. 


  • Thanks, I really needed that encouragement tonight. My bff just announced that she's pregnant with their second child. She got pregnant with her first shortly after I lost my baby. So it really nails how long we've been trying, in vain, home. I'm thrilled for them, but so so so sad for myself. I don't know what I would do with my life if not be a mom, yk?

    Anyways, thanks for sticking with me and having faith in me when mine is sorely lacking. I have an RE appointment tomorrow afternoon and I'll update you after it about what the plan for this next cycle is.

  • ::Butting in::

    Look at the Cade foundation to fund IVF.  http://cadefoundation.org/page.php?id=4

    Forever buddy to Angelica; Natural Miscarriage Jan. 2008 @ 11 weeks; 2 years of BFFN's; DX: Unexplained IF (RE thinks IF is due to tubal issues); IUI #1 & 2= BFFN; IUI#3 = BFP, resulted in Cornual ectopic pregnancy; IUI #4 - 6 =BFFN; Our next endeavor... IVF. 1 grade AA embryo transferred on 4-23-2011 and 5 frosties. BFP Abby born 1/5/2012

  • Thank you suntoto, I bookmarked it!

    Good update: I don't have a cyst! My period was four days late and they don't know why, but I'm cleared to TTC this cycle. In two days I start my Clomid and a few days after that I start my injects. This is my first injects cycle. I hope it goes well. And I'm SO glad I don't have to wait another cycle out!

  • YAY!  Great news.  Good luck to you!
  • I'm sorry that you had a BFN Sad but definite YAY for not having to sit out a cycle.

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