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Dear Neighbor..

I understand you're probably all of 20 years old and think any night is a good night to host house parties. However, please keep the skanks you invite over in YOUR yard and please move your game of cornhole (or bean bag toss, depending on what you call it) to the OTHER side of your house so it is not under my son's window as he tries to sleep. With every "thud!" I hear through these paper thin walls I'm holding my breath hoping you don't wake him up. Oh, and I love how you seem to do these things when DH isn't around to yell at you. Sincerely, Me

P.S. If I find one more pile of dog crap in my yard from YOUR dog, I'll start leaving dirty diapers in yours. The way I see it, I don't have a dog.. yet I have crap in my yard. You don't have a baby, so you should have dirty diapers on your lawn.

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Re: Dear Neighbor..

  • Yeah, take that scumbag neighbor!
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  • I know it all sounds trivial.. but this happens so often it's to the point that I practically have a nervous twitch whenever I see the cars pull up.
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  • I have neighbors that like to play a guitar complete with amp at night/during the night, any night of the week.  I live in a townhome and they play the guitar in the room on the other side of the master bedroom.  We've tried banging on the wall, and going over (they don't answer).  If it happens, I just sleep in the other bedroom.  I cannot stand them.
  • Our upstair's neighbors bone the heck out of eachother late night, it's annoying and sickening at the same time. DH went up and asked if everything was okay once and the girl was all happy to see another man at the door. I actually thought it was funny when he told me. Some people...
    The gene pool could use a little chlorine. Pregnancy Ticker
  • Our downstairs neighbours seem to be of the opinion that anytime is party time. Which is fine for now. But so help me, if, after Smudge is born they wake him up, they will feel my wrath.

    Regardless of whether DH is here or not.

    The worst part is, they're probably close to ten years older than me.

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