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Anyone with a Nanny/housekeeper out there?

I need to talk to someone with a nanny/housekeeper please.  I am really frustrated.

Things are changing in our household.  My daughter has more activities that my husband takes her to and less time at home in the mornings.  DD is only home one morning a week now and four afternoons.  It is hot here and so our nanny is not taking her to the park much.  This means too much time trapped in the house in the afternoons. 

I feel like my house is really clean but my child needs more activities in the afternoon.  We have play doh and coloring but what other activities can our nanny and DD do together and how do I encourage this?  I don't have time to plan their day and offer activities.  Our nanny is Spanish speaking and my DD understands Spanish but does not speak it back.  DD will respond to commands and behave as requested.

I love our nanny and with another baby on the way, I have no plans to change her schedule.  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.  Maybe I need a firm kick in the pants?

Thank you

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Re: Anyone with a Nanny/housekeeper out there?

  • My guys still go out when it's hot.  They take water with them and the nanny sometimes packs their snack so they can stop under a tree somewhere and rest.  They also play in the sprinkler/kiddie pool.

    For inside activities they do crafts, painting, building forts and playing board games (usually while DS#3 is asleep).  We also have an inflatable bounce house in the basement for days when it's just too, too hot or too darn cold to go out.  That has saved the sanity of the adults in this house more than once.  =) 


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  • It's been >100* for a loooong time this summer (69 days- tied with the record Tongue Tied) so we haven't been outside much either. I have my daughter (almost 4), and the two kids I nanny- almost 3 and almost 1. We do a lot of indoor playgrounds such as bounce houses, the pool (when I have a helper with me), the Children's Museum, and playdates with friends (other kids toys are awesome, lol).

    At home we make play-doh and play with it, bake cookies (ones that require rolling and cookie cutters), do various art and craft projects (I really like the Kumon preschool books- they practice fine motor skills with tracing, stickers, colouring, cutting, pasting, etc. Both kids LOVE these, and they require the books that are $7 each [I think there are 4], crayons, scissors, and glue.), rotate toys frequently, splash in the kiddie pool, run in circles, read library books, have dance parties, and when all else fails watch a short movie. The kids also help with cooking, cleaning, and laundry- I'll take advantage as long as they are willing to help, lol!

    IMO, planning and implementing these sorts of things are part of the job description. The parents I nanny for don't give any suggestions or input as to what I do with the kids. There are tons of books on games, arts/crafts, etc with preschoolers, so if you want to encourage them to do more pick up one or two from the used bookstore and sit down with your DD one weekend and pick out a handful of activities. Gather the tools/supplies, then give them to your nanny along with the bookmarked pages. Look for a blog/list of free or cheap activities for little kids in your area and have your nanny take her to them. Storytime at the library? Open gym at a gymnastics studio? If you don't want to do the footwork (and I don't blame you), communicate that you want her to come up with x-number of indoor activities do do every week. They don't have to be different things, but it can be useful interactive time for them.

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  • I think we have the world's best nanny.  She started having that problem b/c Harm was out of pre-k and the twins nap from 2:30 to 5.  She bought a book from Barnes and Nobles (500 Pre-School Activities) and started really planning events.  They started doing clay things, making wind chimes, painting, paper mache, etc.

    I think in a way it is sort of sad Harm is back in pre-k but she wants to incorporate a lot of this with the twins now.  

    Also you said she speaks only Spanish.  If she can she speak English, maybe for at least a little bit of the time it would be nice that your daughter have some English time so they could play make believe, dress up, etc.  I observe a lot of times the best tender moments between the kids and our nanny is when she is on the floor playing one on one in their world.  For example one time I came home and she had created weeds (which were actually bungees) and she was telling Harmon "Watch out Percy.  I'm the weeds... I'm going to get you".  Harmon was just squealing in delight and they were  both just laughing.

    Also if your nanny might be like mine she used to worry that if the house wasn't clean I would be mad.  So she would clean first and interact/play later.  As any SAHM knows kids have to come first.  Once I let her know it isn't a big deal if the house isn't perfect, that her first job was the kids... she flipped her focus.  Our house isn't always clean and the dishes are not always done but the kids are much happier.  To me that is what matters.

    HTH!  GL! 

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  • To be honest...I taught my kid to entertain himself...If I tell him to go play he finds his cars/trains etc...and plays.  Sometimes myself or the nanny will help him build a track or set up blocks.  But, I honestly don't have planned activities for my kids.  We do play-doh our art or read books but other than that-my three year old just plays with his toys-sometimes myself or the nanny plays with him but many times he's just playing alone, or in the same room where the nanny is or where I am.

    My mother's helper keeps busy with my 9 month old and she also cleans a little.  I have no problems with my son just keeping himself busy.  If I thought the nanny was ignoring him I'd have a problem.  She just knows that DS can play by himself and will get us if he needs something or wants to play with her/me.

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