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Need a New OB or Midwife :(

I've just found out that my beloved midwife will not be available for my birthing time, so I'm on the hunt for a new doc or midwife for Kent Hospital.  I need someone who is pro-natural birth (we'll be using Hypnobabies), and if all is well with me and baby is willing to be hands off.  they also need to be VBAC supportive.  (We've already had a succesful VBAC, but once a VBAC, always a VBAC)

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! :) 

Re: Need a New OB or Midwife :(

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    If you're willing to go with an OB, I would see if you like Marilyn Powers at Caring for Women. She is very pro natural birth, and was soooo happy that I had the natural birth I wanted! There is a chance that if you deliver at night, she will not be the doc on call and you would be delivered by someone else in the practice. But, she did show up early (7am) to deliver my son herself. I also know a lot of women that go to other docs in the practice, and have heard no complaints (other than about the secretaries, who do need you to double check appointment dates/times/doctors). 

    Not sure on her outlook on VBAC, but I can't imagine her being against them, since she really tries to avoid c-sections if at all possible.

    Good luck, and congrats!

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  • I love Dr. Powers! I didnt have a natural birth but either way she is amazing!

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  • Dr.M. David Beitle is absolutely wonderful!  He's in Providence.  I drive 25min to see him & wouldn't go to anyone else.
  • I loved Caring for Women!  I had Dr. Colavita and he was the best.  He was not able to deliver either of my boys, but Dr. Powers did the first one.  She was so nice and calming.  I also loved Kent Hospital.  They have the nicest maternity nurses. 
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