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After the only OBGYN I've ever seen (2 children, 2 miscarriages and all checkups in between) decided they will no longer accept my insurance I am now searching for a new one. Any recommendations in the Florence area? I know Carolinas Hospital and McLeod are both great maternity centers so there's really no preferrence there. Just looking for a personable office that won't treat me or my pregnancy like a "chart" but familiarize themselves with my circumstances and offer the best care considering the same. Any input is greatly appreciated. On the same note ... any bad experiences/red flags are welcomed too!


  • Dr. Hucks @ Advanced Women's Care is AWESOME!!! 

    I moved, so I don't see him anymore, but if I could have taken him with me I would have.  I miscarried and he prayed with me before my D&C and he was so good about making sure that he answered any questions that I had the entire time.  You can't go wrong with him!!!

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  • Hi!

    I highly recommend McLeod OBGYN Associates.  They have six doctor's in their practice and I've been seen by them all.  My primary OB was Dr. Tatum.  I really liked Dr. Tatum and he did my delivery.  My other favorites were Dr. Shaw and Dr. Emerson!!  

    I was considered high risk from the beginning so I was being seen in their office every two weeks since 8 weeks.  I had to be hospitalized for preterm labor for two weeks prior to Sophia's delivery... so I got to know all the doctors very well.  Sophia was born 11 weeks early.  The doctors all worked with me and were great at walking me through everything.     

     I also recommend McLeod since they have a great NICU incase your baby is born prematurely.  Sophia spent 6 weeks in the NICU, so we also got to know the Neonatolgoist and staff very well.   

    McLeod OBGYN Associates
    901 East Cheves Street
    Florence, South Carolina 29506
    (843) 669-1264

    Sophia Elizabeth born at 28 weeks, 6 days. Weighing 3lbs, 3oz and 15 1/8" long. SS Photography blue petti
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  • thank you SO much! I have visited their website and spoken with their receptionist who explained how to become an established patient and she was extremely nice & helpful. I also noted their Christian beliefs and how they incorporated that into their practice so I can appreciate that. they're at the top of my list right now, i'm planning to visit the office next week so i'm excited! thanks again for taking the time to reply ... big help!
  • thanks rachie. i'd heard of Florence OBGYN Associates and couldn't get any more than an automated system so i will definitely try McLeod's Associates. Thanks for providing their contact info, that is a huge help since i've combed through e-v-e-r-y OBGYN listing in the Pee Dee Area over the past week ;)

  • Dr. Emily Stonerock at Carolina's.  She has seen me through, miscarriage, 2 pre-term deliveries and infertility.  She is a big hand holder and very conservative which for me, I need and love.
  • Dr. Rainwater is amazing! She delivers at both Carolina's and McLeod. You do have to see everyone in her practice though. I liked them all but she is by far the best. Good Luck!
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