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Hi! New to 'the bump' and have babies on the brain all the time! This weekend I had the moment where I broke down, cried and talked with my husband about how bad I want a baby. We both want a baby Smile So here I am, trying to learn everything I can before we jump in feet first.

I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband and his kitty.

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  • Hi, I'm new here too. I'm in a different situation but I know what you mean about babies on the brian all the time!!

  • Check out  Click on my horse signature to get to it.  It's free.  Then, take a look around "Trying to Get Pregnant" - there is a blog at the top of the page, read that.  Also think about getting a copy of "TAking Charge of your Fertility".  Welcome to the board and best of luck to you.

    ME: 31 PCOS - DH: 32 Perfect. 
    TTC #1 started 8.2010. 
    BFP #1 3.2.11Blighted ovum, missed m/c, 4.3.11-6.22.11 Provera

    BFP #2 Aug 2011 Clomid 50mg+Met missed m/c found 9w5d | cytotec 10.26.11 
    BFP #3 - CD36 - Jan. 2012 - 100mg Clomid + 2000met-  Baby Boy born 10.06.12 with 1 in a billion CHD. Perfect otherwise. 

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    Open Heart Surgery @ 5 months old.
    Happy, healthy, and as normal as could be!  We thank God every day.
    EP/BF for 12.5 months

    TTC#2 - November 2012

    BFP #4:  O'd on CD25 (Aug. 2014).  DD May 6, 2015. RCS planned.

    [email protected]: 184, 17dpo: 520.  44 hr. doubling time.  p4: 54
    U/S 8 weeks 1 day, 161 bpm

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