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Postpartum Depression

how long did it take

Once you were diagnosed, what did you do to fix it(meds, therapy) and roughly how long did it take until you felt better?
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Re: how long did it take

  • Maybe I'm not a good example, but I'm still struggling. I've tried over 10 different medications and have spent a total of 6 months in the hospital.

    I shouldn't make it sound like it was all was severe for about 8 months, then it started to lift a little and I was able to function. I had a full time nanny up until last week, but now I am able to be alone for long stretches of time. I am currently on Pristiq, Seroquel, lithium and Concerta (ritalin). See post below about the Ritalin and my PPD.

    I know other people that start one medication and it works for them within three weeks - that's the best case scenario.

    I wish you all the best, it's a hard road that's for sure.

    Feel free to email me for any [email protected]


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  • Once I was diagnosed and on medication, it took about two weeks to feel more myself. 
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