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i have a eight month old that is walking with help. her left leg bows out at the knee and her foot on the same side turns in every now and then when she walks. is this some that could be cause form starting to walk with help to early. she has been walking with help since she was crawling at 6 1/2 months. should i call her doctor and get it looked at. my mom thinks it might be cause because she was walking to early and then my grandmother think that her hip my be out of place. she doesn't seem to be in any pain when she walks or crawls.please help

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  • I don't think it would hurt to get it looked for your peace of mind.  FWIW my son did the same thing/had same problem.  He would even drag his left leg a little bit when he would be pushing his walking toy. He walked the the push toy for a long time.  I mentioned it to the doctor around 8 or 10 months.  She said she wanted to give it a couple more months.  By his 12 month appt he was walking like a pro.  His leg does still bow but he has no issues walking.  Apparantly bow legs and pigeon feet are not at all uncommon.
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