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Postpartum Depression

Is it PPD?

I have been having an ongoing battle with myself as whether I am suffering from PPD or not. I have admitted to my DH that I should get some help. Some of my symptoms are, sadness, lack of appettite(which is VERY unusual for me) and the feeling of being alone. My husband works 6 days a week but is home on Sundays and evenings, which I should feel pretty lucky about bc I know some ladies dont get that much support. I feel relieved when he is home. I equate the alone feeling to the loss of my usual come and go as I please routine that I used to have. Now its just me and my LO and I have to find ways to fill our days with the void of having my old schedule. I think what has made it worse lately is the fact that LO was diagn. with a food allergy last week and he is so much more fussy esp. when I feed him, and I cant take not being able to "fix it" or know how long it will go on for before he feels better. I feel guilty and selfish too. Afterall, I have a beautiful, healthy baby and I know I should not feel this way. So many woman would beg for what I have. This is why I think I have PPD, what are your thoughts. TIA  PS. I am going for my 6 wk PP follow up today and plan to discuss all this with my dr.
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Re: Is it PPD?

  • Like I said in your other post, please feel free to email me any questions - I've been suffering for 15 months and consider myself knowledgeable by this point.

    I definitely think that your symptoms are PPD (from what you have said). Pretty classic actually. All I can say is please get treatment before things progress...I waited too long and ended up in the ER.  GL


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  • Hi

    I have been having the exact same feelings...loss of appetite, loneliness being home all day alone with LO, and sadness over the loss of freedom/old life. I also get sad thinking of LO growing up in this cruel world...he is so innocent now and i wish he could stay that way. And I miss being pregnant too...thinking that i'll never again get to experience a first pregnancy/delivery somehow upsets me. I think all of these thoughts are adding to my feeling down...but like you, i'm not sure whether it's PPD or not. 


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