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Would a four year old like a quiet book?

I've been thinking of making a quiet/busy book for my DS who is about three and a half. Money's really tight this year, so I'm thinking of making one and then giving it to him for Christmas. My concern is that he might be "too big" for it too soon. For those of you who have older preschoolers, would your DC like a quiet book?

If it helps, the ideas that I have found most appealing are putting in large clothing closures (big zippers, snaps, buttons, laces), finger puppets, and dress up pages.

Here's a link to a Star Wars book that I think I'll borrow a lot of the concept from (but not all of the activities).


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Re: Would a four year old like a quiet book?

  • That is really cool :)  I've no talent but if I did I would love it.
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  • I was sitting here thinking, "what the heck is a quiet book?" Then I looked at the photos and the more I've thought about it, I think I have a very small memory of something similar in my childhood.  I think it was at a church we didn't go to (like we were there for a wedding or funeral or out of town of something).  Anyway, just surprised I remembered!  I do remember thinking it was very neat (have no idea how old I was) but agree with a PP - if you do it in a theme he really likes, it could be really interesting and fun for him.  I know my DS#1 (age 4) would love the Star Wars one in the link, or anything that had to do with Spiderman or IronMan :-P
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