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Bedtime question

I generally try to get DD in bed by around 8pm.  If we have had a big day, like an evening of running around outside in the park, she doesn't take too long to fall asleep.

But like this afternoon, we were inside, it was a low-key rainy day (other than preschool in the morning).  She has come out of her room a half dozen times saying she's not tired, and when she's in her bed I can hear her fooling around (singing, talking to herself, etc).  So then she goes to bed more like 9.

Am I putting her to bed too early?  She generally gets up at the same time every day, more or less.  Or do you play it by ear - like evenings running around at the park, you put them to bed earlier, and after an evening of baking cookies and arts & crafts, you put them to bed later?

Re: Bedtime question

  • Tonight must be the night for not going to bed.  DD usually goes to  bed around 8pm.  Well tonight she kept coming out wanting water, another stuffed animal, etc.  She finally fell asleep around 10.  She had a busy day today too and tons of time outside running around.  I would have been worn out and crashed at 8 if it were me.


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  • I notice the same thing. If we have a quite day he usually will be in bed around 9. If it has been a busy day it can be as early as 7:00pm
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  • We put DS to bed at the same time each night.  DS typically doesn't fight bed time but he LOVES to fight nap time.

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  • We put our girls to bed at the same time every night. (8pm) but my 3 yr old hardly ever falls asleep quickly. She is up most nights reading, chattering away, singing, whatever until about 9pm. I can't force her to fall asleep, obviously, but she is forbidden to leave her room unless she needs to go potty. Surprisingly, she stays in there! LOL. Some nights I can hear alot of ruckus over the monitor, but she eventually settles down on her own. I don't change her bedtime regardless of what she did that day. If she had a busy day, she falls asleep faster. If not, she is up later. I figure it is what it is. But our key is that she msut stay in her room.

  • If you ask a specialist, they will tell you that bedtime and wake up time should always be the same so that your body is adjusted and just knows when it is time.  My DD has ADHD and for her, keeping to a set schedule with some minimal changes is fine.  We typically let the kids stay up a little later on Sat nights but otherwise, bedtime is close to the same time - at least within 30 mins but never more unless we are out/on vacation but even then I try not to get too off schedule.  I would maybe adjust the way you do the bedtime routine on the days that are not as active but not change the bedtime.  On nights that my kids are more wired, we do more quiet reading for example and dim the lights and stuff like.  If they are really wired, I will turn on some music and get us all moving around the house before we start the whole bedtime routine to get some extra energy out.
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