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If you didn't like Mirena and had it taken out...

how long did it take for you to feel "normal" again and were your cycles all wonky?  Not ready to TTC again yet, but want to have it taken out to see if it makes me feel any better (weight gain, terrible moods, awful skin, no sex drive, etc.).  Hoping that this will do the trick and sooner rather than later!  I had awful experiences on various pills before we had DD, so I'm pretty convinced it's the hormones making me feel crummy. 

Re: If you didn't like Mirena and had it taken out...

  • This really doesn't answer your question, but I had mine taken out because I had CONSTANT yeast infections alternating with bacterial vaginosis.  It was horrible.  I rarely had an infection free day.  As soon as I had it removed, they stopped immediately.

    If it's the hormones that are making you feel so bad, I would think that as soon as they clear your system, you will start to feel better.  I'm sure somebody can tell you for sure, but I think you should give it at least 1 cycle before persuing it being something else.


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