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Where in LA is everyone from?

Hi everyone, I totally forgot about this area on the site. But it's nice to see other ladies on here from LA.

Where abouts do you all live? How far along are you?

I live right in Hollywood in LA, and am over 7 weeks pregnant with my first pregnancy. We are super excited.
Going in for our second ultrasound tomorrow, and hope the heart rate sped up a little (we were in last week and the heart rate was 108 and she said it should be 110, so she was concerned and asked us to come back)

Hope you are all doing well and keep in touch!

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Re: Where in LA is everyone from?

  • ShoshieShoshie member
    We live in Simi and are TTC with our first. :)
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  • Hi,Im new here as well.hope everything goes well in your next check-up!:)

    Im from North Hollywood btw :) expecting our 1st baby too 

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  • I am in Culver City, expecting my first, and 9 weeks pregnant.  I would love to meet other moms-to-be in the area.


  • I'm in Playa Vista (next to Marina Del Rey), hoping this is my first take home baby.
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  • I'm new here, too.  Also 7 weeks pregnant with my first!  I live in Pasadena, and don't go in for my first appointment until next week.  It's so hard to wait, but I totally love my OB (at least, she was great as a GYN, so here's hoping!).
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  • First post here!  :)

    I'm from Pasadena...about 6 to 8 weeks along as a first time mom.

  • Hello Ladies, I am new to the site as well.   I live in Calabasas and  am 6 weeks pregnant and have my first US today--very excited but a bit nervous too. .
  • HWood and 8 weeks.
  • We are in Torrance :)  21 weeks along!  super happy and excited for our first :)  


    Yeah, welcome everyone!  

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  • dootz8dootz8 member

     Westchester near LMU.  Very excited first time mom!

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  • Hello I'm in South Central. And I'm also a first time mommy to be.


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  • I live in San Pedro, have a 19 month old son and am 36 weeks along with a baby girl.


  • I am in Playa Vista! Due in October. Would love to meet other first-time-moms. I set up a meet-up at meetup.com . So far I am the only one in the group. = )





  • I am in Playa Vista! First time mom and due in October. I created this group if you are interested. There is no one in it but me so far. = )



  • I am in Playa Vista! First time mom and due in October. I created this group if you are interested. There is no one in it but me so far. = )


  • Hi...I'm Maria...new to California as of February.  I am not working...going to be a stay at home mom for a bit.  I live in the El Segundo/Manhatten beach area.  I am 32 wks and he is my first.  Still trying to find a pediatrition.....any recommendations??

    Or any other Moms close by....

  • Im in manhattan beach.  I have a 4 month old and LOVE our pediatrician. Karen Bodnar at Manhattan Beach Kids docs. Shes new to this practice. She goes above and beyond what is needed to help you. I had trouble breastfeeding and she signed me up for a class and gave me personal help. I don't know any pediatrician that does that.


  • I am in San Pedro and I have a one year old.
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