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Safety 1st Go Hybrid Seat?

Has anyone purchased and used these seats for travel  My son is moving up to my DD's roundabout, so she will be moving to the frontier. We are traveling by plane in 2 months and I was thinking those two carseats sounds really heavy to lug around an airport. So I thought I could get one for my DD. These have pretty good reviews but I have my reservations.  What are your thoughts?

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Re: Safety 1st Go Hybrid Seat?

  • I bought this seat last May for my then 4 year old.  LOVE this seat!  We've used it to travel twice so far and it is her every day seat in the mini-van.  Seriously this seat is so freaking easy to install and I absolutely love that it folds for traveling since we travel a fair amount.  It is also considerably more narrow than other 5 pt boosters.  We will likely be getting another one in the very near future because my younger DD will be able to use it soon and I'd rather tote two of these to the airport instead of a booster that doesn't fold and a convertible seat (and soon an infant seat as well).  I plan to continue to use it as a booster when my DD1 is too big for it to be used with the 5pt harness purely because it will be easier to take on trips.  It is also crazy easy to adjust everything as they grow (no rethreading straps and taking the whole thing out of the car).  Eventually I think we will have three, one for each kid, just for ease of traveling alone!

    The only catch is that you HAVE to have the upper tether in the car/position you are putting it in.  You can install with the seatbelt (and have to once the kid weighs 40 pounds since LATCH is only good to 40 pounds, but you have to use the upper tether for it at all times).  This presents a problem in my mom's car since she doesn't have the upper tether since her car is a 2000 so we had to buy a different seat to use in her car (Evenflo Maestro).  This also means it can't be used on an actual airplane. 

    I would just like to reiterate how much I love this seat and I would totally buy it again and actually will be buying another one at the very least before next summer travel season. 

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  • You seem to rave about it the way the reviewers do.  Glad you like it.  A couple of questions? Is your DC comfortable in it.  I am thinking about using the frontier or nautilus in my car where she spends 90% of the time. And using this DH's car.  He transports clients around some so I thought having something he could remove and store would be nice. Also DD is small 27 pounds 36 inches will it work for her, be safe for her? 
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  • My kid went from a Cosco Alpha Omega Elite to it with no problems.  She says she's comfortable in it. 

    DD#1 didn't go into it until she was almost 4 years old so she was a bit bigger, but I think she could have went into it a bit earlier.  DD#2 will probably be going into it when the new baby outgrows the infant seat and takes the Alpha Omega, so she'll probably be around 3-3.5 years when she starts sitting in it.  I can't remember what the minimum height/weight is on it?

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