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is anyone familiar with sandifers?

My DD has sandifers syndrome and I am curious to know if anyone else's child has it and if so, how was it treated and how long did they have it for? thanks 

Re: is anyone familiar with sandifers?

  • Yes.  It's basically just torticollis caused primarily by GERD, and can resemble seizure activity.  My DS has this.  They're treating him with physical therapy for the torticollis, and trying to actively manage his reflux (which is hard to keep in check).
  • yup, ditto to the pp. ?Her torticollis from the Sandifer's is so mild though they dont even want to start PT yet. ?They basically just manage the reflux which in turn manages the sandifers. ?And like this PP said, managing the reflux is no simple task, but if its any reassurance there really is a light at the end of the tunnel--my daughter is 9.5 months now and appears to be finally outgrowing the reflux/sandifers...

    Good luck!!?

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