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Pregnancy what nots

Ok, here's a question for any pregnant lady.  Ok, I have read on websites and books how you are ot supposed to lie on your back.  An I apologize for the rudeness, but what does this mean...

Ok, I get it, try not to sleep on your back.  But what about just resting, like when you are supposed to raise your feet above your heart to help with swelling, how does one do that while lying on your side???  What about doing prenata yoga? 

I was laying in ed yesterday morning and as I was rolling to get out of bed, i rolled on my back and felt a kick.  I laid there on my back for awhile, feeling the baby kick and we had a lovely coversation, abut how I'm sure I love that now, but in a year, we will need to have a seious discussion about how you don't kick mommy. :)  After 5 minutes I realized crap I'm laying o my back and not supposed to be doing that. 

 So any advice, suggestions or laughter would help.  I'm doing pretty good with sleeping on my side, but being a first time mom, all these different advice books and websites get confusing. 

Re: Pregnancy what nots

  • First of all I love the conversation you had with your lo! I had many conversations with both my girls while they were in utero! I swore to my husband he had impregnated me with UFC fighters!!! 

    Anyway about your question about laying on the back my best advice is to listen to your body. If you are comfortable and feeling good laying on your back having conversations with your lo than do it. Your body will let you know when its time to roll to the side, even when your sleeping. My doctor told me the same thing.  

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  • Hey there! They say you're not supposed to lay on your back because of the nerves and the baby could press on them and that it will also slow down LO's breathing. Well I slept the entire time on my back I had no choice. I had heartburn so bad that if I wasn't sitting up or laying on my back I was puking acid sorry TMI. My child was and is completely fine. I was comfortable, he was kicking and doing karate so he was fine. You are fine if you are comfortable. Just listen to your body and baby and you will do great. PS labor sucks so bad but hearing that first little inhale of real air and the cry afterwards makes everything worth it and yes that includes nasty stretch marks ; )
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