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I should have spoke up, right?

I know that I have seen posts like this on here before and I am kicking myself tonight....

I watch two little girls a few days a week and tonight was putting things into their car as their parents were putting them into their seats. I noticed that the carseats are not being used well. The straps are WAY too loose and the chest buckles are in their laps. I think that I was too shocked to say anything in the moment (and didnt know exactly what to say....).

But I should have. And I think that Ill make a point to the next day they are here (maybe Ill put things in the car again....).

Any thoughts on HOW to bring this up?

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I love these two beautiful children!
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Re: I should have spoke up, right?

  • I personally wouldn't say anything. I just don't feel that it's my place, and I guess I presume that parents know the correct way to use a car seat -- they just chose not to.

    I think you really risk p*ssing them off (and maybe that's okay, given that a child's safety is at stake), but if you were to bring it up I'd probably try buckling one of the girls in and saying something to the parent, like, "Is there a way to make this tighter? I don't think I've gotten it snug enough."

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  • I'd say something.

    My DH was confused about the seats for awhile and kept loosening the straps b/c he thought DD was uncomfortable, etc. 

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  • I'd say something. Something like 90% of people use their car seats incorrectly. When the misuse is that blatant, I couldn't in good conscience keep quiet. It's worth possibly pissing someone off it it means potentially saving a child's life.
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  • i would absolutely say something.  it's their choice to listen, but how would you feel if they were in an accident tomorrow and died because you kept quiet? some people really don't know they're using them wrong.

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  • I would bring it up in a 'light' way.. not sure what carseat you have but there is a britax 'click and safe' or something like that that indicates when the seatbelt tension is right.. maybe you could work that in..  or when my DD was a newborn, I was shopping at a baby store and the saleslady lectured me that the chest clip was too low (like just above belly.. instead of shoulder blade), so I'd probably work that in.  Or talk about a carseat inspection and how you learned it that way?
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