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Toddler's Table and Chair SEt

Hi ladies,


Ive so excited my ds is going to preschool this september and im looking for a desk and chair set where she can do her homework, but ive found some pricey ones ..if you have any websites or know where i can get one that will help me out alot.thanks.




Re: Toddler's Table and Chair SEt

  • My grandparents got this table and chair set for DS and DD for Christmas in 2009. We use their table for a lot of things. They eat breakfast and lunch at their table. They do art/crafts and other projects there, work on puzzles, practice writing letters(mostly DS), etc. It is easy to clean and has held up really well. Not sure how much you are wanting to spend or if this is what you are looking for but hope it helps.

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  • We have two sets, both from Ikea, and I'm really pleased with both. (Sorry, not clicky on my Mac.)

    And this set, with the same chairs as above: 

    We've had the first set for almost 3 years and I'm really pleased with how well it cleans up and how large the chairs are (comfortable enough for me to sit in). We've only had the second table for a few weeks, but I'm pleased so far. 

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  • I also got a chair from Ikea, and wish we'd have bought a table to go with. The chair itself is really cute and super sturdy. We have a cheapo plastic set for outside, which is handy for eating and just hosing off and won't bleach in the sun, but the chairs tip over backwards really easily.
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