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15 month old in a taxi?


I'm from Pittsburgh, Pa and I'm coming to NYC this coming weekend to visit my sister.  I have a 15 month old son and I'm not sure what to do with him when we are riding in the taxis.  Do you carry your carseat all around with you?  Looking for advise.  Thanks.

Re: 15 month old in a taxi?

  • no one carries a carseat - it would be a huge PITA. pepole either:

     -risk it and ride in the taxi
    -don't take taxis, take the subway, walk
    -buy buy baby sells a harness for toddlers for this exact purpose. definitely not as safe as a carseat, but attaches to the seatbelt and provides some protection. don't  know the name, but it's in the baby bargains book under something like "the taxi dilemma".

    hope that helps. personally, we take the subway and a bjorn or walk with the stroller. wouldn't take taxis w/out carseats.


  • the sit n stroll is a carseat with wheels that you can push around like a stroller and then use in a cab or on a plane.  it's not meant for long walks, however.... but it's good in situations where you need a somewhat portable carseat.
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