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Hi Ladies,

 I was just told that I need to switch to UPENN for delivery.  If you delivered there, what was your experience?

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Re: University of Penn

  • I have not delivered there but I work at Penn and have many coworkers who have. They all have had good experiences.  The only negative that I have heard is that you are likely to share a room and HUP has a very urban clientele.
  • Hmmm what exactly is meant by "urban" smh sometimes people say things n its soooooo not appropriate


    ANYWAY I havent delivered there but I had a close friend who did in fact recently. She enjoyed it as far as the treatment also they have a natural birthing suite if thats ur thing. Im not sure what Urban clientele consist of butttttt lol if u live n Philly anyway ALL of u guys r urban smh 

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