1st day at work with out Jack- Mini pity party for 1 — The Bump
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1st day at work with out Jack- Mini pity party for 1

I have been back to work since June 20th but we have a new executive director coming in today and I had to do teambuilding with 60 teachers.  So I left him home with his baby sitter.  I had them walk over for lunch because I missed him so much.  He is doing alright but is a little whimpery according to the sitter. I  struggled a whole lot more!  This is the LONGEST he and I have been apart ever.  I think I may have  to leave early  today.


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Re: 1st day at work with out Jack- Mini pity party for 1

  • I'm sorry!  It is definetely harder on the parent.  Glad he was able to come and visit for a bit though

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  • Awww... So sorry! It will get easier. The best is that smile when they see you after a day at work. Almost every time I would come home, Liam's little face would just light up in a big smile.
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  • I was just thinking about this.  I knew during my pregnancy what I should be feeling, doing, experiencing at every moment.  At this point I am going with my gut and relying on remembering what I learned babysitting and helping raise my neices and nephews.  And really by tuning into Jack.  That kid is an open book.  I think we are all figuring it out and doing a great job!

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