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Recommend your video monitors please!

We have the angelcare monitor right now but it keeps giving us false alarms and the base is not charging in the charger so I'm going to take it back (we just started using it this weekend). I want to go ahead and just get a video monitor instead since she's moving around so much in her crib now. I am hoping a video monitor will keep me sane and keep me from going in there a million times a night to check on her! Please let me know which one you use and if you love it! Thanks!!
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Re: Recommend your video monitors please!

  • We have the Lorex Live Snap 2 camera system. It can handled up to 4 cameras. I love it for the most part. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.

    The reason I wouldn't give it 5 stars is that after a few months of use my first base unit (the one I see the babies on) broke and they had to send me a new unit from Lorex. Also 3 weeks after using it one of the cameras went all wonky and they sent me a replacement.

    I bought mine from Costco for $150 with free shipping when it was on sale. (here) I used a friend's membership card, if it was mine I would have just gone to the store and exchanged the broken set for a new one.

    I love that it has the VOX option so that both girls can have a sound machine going and the monitor only clicks on when they cry. It can take little pictures of them in their cribs. I can talk to them through the camera if I need to, like, "Mommy's coming!" It is also a digital connection so it is secure from weirdos jumping onto our system to watch us.

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  • We have the Summer Infant babyTouch Video Monitor.  I love that it's very portable.  It can have up to 4 different cameras.  You can talk into the monitor, zoom in to see the baby up close and the camera moves so if the baby moves, you can shift the camera to a position that you can see the baby.  It has definitely given me a piece of mind because i can just press the button and he appears on the screen.

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  • I also have the Lorex and I love it. I like the feature of being able to add up to 4 cameras so it will grow with our family. I have not had any issues with the VOX feature. The picture and sound are very clear. I am a light sleeper so I leave it on the lowest sound setting and I still hear DS when he stirs. I love that if I wake up, I can just look at the monitor to check DS and not have to go into his room and risk waking him. It is digital so there is no worry of someone being able to see your LO on their monitor. The only issue I have and it is small is if I use my iPhone on our home wifi. If I am on the I iPhone and have the monitor on too close, it will kick me off the wifi. I just keep the monitor so it is not right next to the phone and then it works fine. The monitor does not interfere with the wifi when on our laptop. I bought one that has two cameras on Ebayfor $150 and it was brand new in a sealed box. I recently bought one for a friend off her Amazon registry. For the single camera unit, I paid either $125 or $129 then I got free shipping with amazon mom. I love this monitor and am so glad we bought it.
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