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Fender Bender

We decided to head out to dinner tonight with LO.  We came to a stop at a stop sign and the car behind us crashed right into us.  I barely let DH pull over before I jumped out to check on DD.  She had been chatting up a storm before the hit and stopped immediately which scared me beyond belief.  Luckily, I opened up the door and she looked startled and then burst into a big, gummy grin. 

The damage was not horrible and the guy was overly apologetic.  He pretty much burst into tears when he saw me pull the infant seat out of the back.  But, after dealing with the insurance exchange and all that, we decided to head home for take out instead.  I just wanted to be able to hold DD and snuggle while waiting for my hands to stop shaking! 


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Re: Fender Bender

  • I'm so glad you're all okay! Big hugs...
    Mac and cheese lover!
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  • how scary!! when i drive i imagine what i would say to the A-hole who hits me with Ds in the car!! if you kept yourself under control i'm impressed!

    i'm sure it was scary and glad all is okay!

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  • I am glad you are OK! That must have been awful.Insurance should pay for a new carseat.
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  • Yikes, glad everyone is okay!
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  • oh wow! i am so glad you and your LO are ok. sounds like a careless mistake and that that man felt horrible...it does stink that you have to deal with the car and the insurance and deal with her carseat too. =/


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  • Glad every one is okay.  We had a fender bender when my oldest was a baby and I did the same as you focused on the baby.
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