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mam pacifers.

i posted awhile back about how my LO wasnt holding in pacifers by herself, well after trying almost every brand out there i finally tried mam pacifers. one word. AMAZING! she holds it in by herself and when it falls out she grabs it and puts it back in her mouth. i posted this incase anyone was having the same issue now they can try mam and hopefully have the same luck i had. :)

Re: mam pacifers.

  • Aren't babies funny?  We weren't having luck with the soothies (given to us by the hospital) and a friend recommended MAMs.  So I got some and when I put it in his mouth he spit it out like I have just fed him garbage.  I tried again later with the same result.  We finally tried the Avent ones and he loves those.  You just never know.  Glad the MAMs worked for you!

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  • we had the soothies at first too, and i dunno if maybe they were just too heavy for her to handle or what. and i tried others but they didnt work either so i went back to the soothies until i finally recieved the mams in the mail and as soon as i gave it to her she was glued to it!! my nights are much easier now that i dont have to keep putting the pacifer in her mouth everytime she spits it out. haha
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  • V was partial to soothies for the first couple of weeks, but once I gave him a MAM to try he would spit a soothie out the second he had it in his mouth. Paci snob ;-) I think the weight of the MAMs makes them easier for most babies to handle than the soothies. We're almost off the pacis now that he has found his thumbs. Best. Thing. Ever.  

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  • i cant wait for izzy to find her thumbs, so far its just her hands. its funny when she has her whole fist in her mouth with slobber all over the place :) today she laughed for the first time. :)
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