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LO trying to sit up in bathtub?

LO is working her abs out and trying to sit up in the bathtub. I can hold her sitting up but then can't really wash her. She's hating lying back on the mesh tub seat. She usually likes bath time but has seemed frustrated the last couple times because she can't sit yet.

Any ideas? I'm pondering buying a bucket she can fit in like the baby euro spa but it seems silly to buy something if she'll be in the regular tub soon Wink

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Re: LO trying to sit up in bathtub?

  • try this!!  my SIL gave this to us and DS loves it! he can get his legs kicking and it's so much easier to bathe him with both hands. i was at my parents place trying to bathe him without it and it was way to hard!


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  • We were having the same issue as you.  We decided to take the mesh thing out and let her sit in the tub part while one of us holds her and the other bathes her.  I feel like she's not getting as good of a bath with me holding on to her though and I couldn't imagine doing it alone.  I'm looking forward to her being able to sit up by herself for this reason! 
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