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The switch to formula....

The past 2 days have been great.  DS took 1 bottle of formula each day, no problem.  Just as a side note, DS has had no reflux problems thus far.  This morning DH fed DS his bottle of formula and not 10 minutes later did he throw everything up all over our bed :-(.  ANyone have a similar issue when  changing over to formula or some advice??  I am really hoping it was a one time thing but I am not sure why this happened.  THanks so much!  Enjoy your Saturday!

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Re: The switch to formula....

  • Pax never spit up when we were EBFing. Now that he's on formula he does every once in awhile, but not a large amount. Not sure if it's the formula or the fact that he moves around more now. If we do tummy time too soon after eating we're guaranteed spit up! He's only really vomited a large amount one time and he had just had BM.

    Does he get BM in bottles, or are his bottles strictly formula? If he's only spitting up with bottles, that may be another issue. Hopefully it was just a one-time thing! GL


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  • I would imagine this might be fairly normal if they're not used to it. Are you using slow nipples?he might be drinking the formula quicker than your bm if he's not used to a bottle. They also take in more aire with bottles so try to burp him every couple ounces. Its also just different and might take him some time.
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  • You may want to try mylicon drops in the formula to help with the gas bubbles. 
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  • my dr. suggested trying the gentlease formula for the switch, since i had just tried one of the sample enfamil ones to start with and he was just spitting it all up  He has done better with it so far.  I do half BM and half formla at this point and hope i can keep it that way for a long time... we shall see.
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