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Am I farther along than I think?

I found out almost two weeks ago that I am pregnant. According to my last period (June 28), I should be entering my 7th week.  However, some things are making me think I might be farther than that. Back when I had my last period, I was sicker than normal. I had food aversions and nausea.  At that time, my sister asked me if I was pregnant. I got my period on time and didn't think much more of it. It was the first period after stopping BC, so that was probably it.

Well,  my MIL put it in my head first. She thinks I might have been pregnant longer. Then, I noticed my belly. Nothing I have read has talked about showing this early!  I have a little pooch now and couldn't even zip and button my work pants.  This is my first baby, and I am pretty petite.  Is it possible I could be farther along?  Could it be something else? I still have a week and a half to wait for my first dr. visit, and it is driving me crazy!


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  • It's hard to say without knowing your hcg levels or having an ultrasound done. I would just be patient for the next week and a half and see what the dr. says. =0)
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  • it's possible, your last "period" could have been implantation bleeding - was it lighter than normal, shorter, more like spotting?  although the nausea and food aversions usually don't show up until the 6th week or so.  only way to find out is an u/s.  of course, don't count on it, the bloat can do amazing things to your waistline and it very well could be that you are exactly where you think you are.  GL!
  • It's hard to tell. I'd say wait until your first appt (easier said than done, I'm waiting for my first appt to). State your concerns to your doctor and he/she will most likely send you for an early ultrasound so determine the date.

    My last period was June 27th so if I'm accurate that puts my due date at April 2nd. We're pretty close together!

    Congrats hunnie.

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  • The only real difference with my last period that I remember was more cramping and such.  I was miserable!  I guess it could just be bloating. 
  • I see a LOT more of people O'ing late without knowing it and not being as far along as they think....not as much of wht you are describing, but it does happen. I would just be in the mindset that you are as far along as your lmp indicates and you'll figure it out for sure during your.first u/s.
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  • My last period was June 23rd and during my u/s this past week I found out I was further along than I thought I was (will be 8 weeks tomorrow).  That said, I wasn't further along by that much.  The only true way to know will be during an u/s.
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    I didn't want to say it, but the thought crossed my mind!  Would that happen this early?  I mean, the babie (or babies?!) is just the size of a sweet pea if I am only 6 weeks.

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