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Have to share (PIP)

This pics about a month old and I love him so so much but this pic just cracks me up! His first time in the bumbo and he did NOT like it. It's too good not to share!


Re: Have to share (PIP)

  • Andrew had a very similar reaction his first time in the Bumbo  :) 

    He's starting to like it more now that he can sit and play with toys. I hope your little guy starts to enjoy it more!

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  • Awww!   I have a few pictures of Olivia crying.  I had to proved to DH that she sometimes has a bad day.
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  • He likes it now! He was fine about ten seconds before I snapped the pic (camera phone... slow delay!) but its priceless so I had to keep it.
  • I love it!  El had a similar reaction the first time.  She was very cautious for about 20 seconds - then she freaked!
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  • Awwww!
  • hee hee...some of my favorite pics of my DD are ones where she's crying. Sounds terrible, but crying babies can be ?ber-cute.
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