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What the hell, smoke alarms

It is 2am and the smoke alarm in DS's room just started beeping for new batteries. Not only does that suck for obvious reasons, but it is the third smoke alarm in a row in the last month that has done this in the middle of the night/early in the mornimg. Seriously??
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Re: What the hell, smoke alarms

  • One of ours has been beeping once every other day or so. It only does it once and I'm never close enough to be able to tell which one it is.  I'm always afraid that it's going to end up being the one in the baby's room and it's going to start beeping constantly over night.
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  • This happened in both our room and DS's room when he was 2 months old (our rooms are right next to each other), and it was SO LOUD. Luckily, it didn't wake DS up.
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  • The smoke alarm last night in DS's room was beeping once a minute so we had to change the battery asap.  Poor DH had to wake up from a sound sleep and it was nearly impossible in the dark because the battery wouldn't go in easily. We were both really pissed off at the poor design of the alarm and the fact that it just HAD to start beeping at 2:15am.

    I've also been trying to get DS to sleep on the left side of his head because he always sleeps on the right and it has slightly affected his head shape.  The stupid reset button on the alarm was so unnecessarily loud that it caused DS to stir and move his head back to the right.  I tried to move it back but couldn't without risking waking him.  That plus DH's disrupted sleep after he's been having trouble sleeping lately made me really mad at the damn alarm.

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