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Wanted to introduce myself


My name is Kristy. I'm 33 live in Connecticut with my husband of 3 years, our dog Echo and our beautiful baby Natalie who was born April 22. Natalie was born 3 weeks early because of IUGR which the Drs says was because of my chronic hypertension. I spend 4 months on modified bed rest and went back to work 9 weeks after Natalie was born. My DH is a teacher so he has been home taking care of her since I've been back to work. Natalie will start daycare on August 23rd Tuesday through Friday.

I just thought I would say hi and introduce myself.


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Re: Wanted to introduce myself

  • Welcome to the board!
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  • welcome!

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  • Thanks for introducing yourself! :-)
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  • Waves hello.....
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