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Do you have 'nap anxiety'?

I am pretty sure I do!

DD is a short napper - meaning 30-40 min per nap - about 3 or 4 times a day. Sometimes in the car, or out and about, otherwise in her crib at home. But sometimes she'll nap SUPER short (20 min) and then I get stressed because she is SO ready to be down for another nap an hour later, and sometimes GETTING her down is a struggle.. and I have my 3 y/o to contend with, too. And I seriously just wish I could fast forward time sometimes to when she can put HERSELF to sleep.. bc that is a GOOD TIME. 

And I know there will be SOME form of crying to muck through, to get her to soothe herself to sleep.. and I'm just not looking forward to it. Particularly the part about keeping my 3 year old awake during it. (they share a wall and it's a semi-small house) Ugh

Re: Do you have 'nap anxiety'?

  • Yes--sounds just like our situation. I attempted to put her on EASY but just gave up and now I let her fall asleep when nursing and either hold her or transfer her to her swing or try to let her fall asleep while wearing her. I'm sure it must be much harder with a 3 year old to also take care of, though!! I have had to learn to relax a bit about her naps and not freak out when I think she isn't sleeping enough--it has gotten to where I can tell when she is getting overtired and I try to coordinate when I wear her or have her in the stroller or swing with these times because that usually guarantees a nap that lasts more than 10 minutes! I've given up hope of putting her down in her crib for a nap, really... and I just don't have the patience to fight her on going in her crib, frankly! 

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  • I do.  I love the weekends when dh is around to help.  Some days I feel like I am constantly putting dd to sleep.  Other days she'll sleep a 3 hour stretch and I feel wonderful! 
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