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My little sweetie sure surprised me tonight....

We were out visiting my mom and dad and he kept rolling to his side and was pulling on his pants. I thought he was just trying to get his toes but after a while he started to dig his face into the blanket while on his side and BAMM he rolled on to his tummy from his back! I couldn't beleive it! he's to little to be doing this at only 3 mth 3 weeks old! 

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Re: rolling

  • DS started at 10 weeks! We left him with a babysitter and she said she went to check with him and he was on his belly. I thought it was a fluke, but sure enough, he kept doing it. He didn't get really good at it until about 15 weeks, but now he is a rolling fool and does it every chance his gets! It scares me...won't be too long before they are crawling.
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  • My LO did this yesterday too! We put her in the crib and when we went to check on her she was on her tummy. I flipped her over and she flipped herself right back on her stomach! It was pretty cool. Oddly enough, even though I've seen her roll from tummy to back, she wasn't doing it yesterday -- I think she needs to learn how to put both moves together, haha.
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  • Heh, DS started doing it last week, too. I guess 3 months, 3 weeks must be one of the potential rolling windows for back to tummy.
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  • V started rolling from back to tummy this week. I was so confused when I heard him crying on the monitor at 3:30 this morning. When I went in to check on him, he was on his belly and not very happy about it at all. I flipped him over and he went right back to sleep. I guess he'll be a happier little guy when he can flip back over from tummy to back.

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  • Same thing happened to us this past week. I went to change her diaper on the floor at my mom's and she rolled right on to her tummy. I put back on her back and she did it again twice! DH missed it and she hasn't done it since (been super close) but I was so amazed and proud of my little over achiever :)
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