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Sorry if this is a frequent question, I am not from the Philly area:

 (Sesame Place)

For those that have already visited this park, do you think there is enough for a 2 year old to do to make a trip there worth it?  Our son just turned 2 and we were looking for a summer trip to go on.  We would be going in August during the week.

It is about a 3.5 drive from where we live and we were thinking of getting the 2 day pass and going. 

Anything else in the immediate area that would be good for a 2 year old?

Any thoughts/experiences?  Thanks so much!

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Re: Sesame Place

  • I have a season pass and take my 2 year old frequently.  A 2 year old can go on almost all the dry rides (with the exception of swings and roller coaster) and a lot of the water rides - count pool, ernies water works and lazy river.  There are also 3 fun shows and a parade every day (show run 2 or 3x a day).

    Also in the area that are good for 2 year old are the Philadelphia Zoo, Camden Aquarium, Crayola Factory, Please Touch Museum, and Elmwood Park Zoo,

  • Because it is so ridiculously expensive, I would suggest waiting till he is three.  He may appreciate it more.  If you do visit this year, I highly recommend the Please Touch museum for a 2 year old.  IMO, this would be worth the trip.
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