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Anyone here from Vancouver?

Hi, is there anyone here from Vancouver?  I'm pregnant with my first child and I'm wondering if there are any pros/cons to giving birth in Portland rather than Vancouver, which is where I live. 

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  • I'm in Vancouver.  I gave birth at SW Washington Medical Center- they were amazing.  I liked that you stay in one room for everything, and that they come to you for all the newborn tests/procedures.  Our LO never left our birthing suite except when we took her to walk up and down the halls during recovery.  

    The biggest cons to giving birth in Portland would be:

    1. An Oregon birth certificate- not a huge deal, but something to think about.

    2. Vacine records in Washington are kept in a state data base.  Helpful if you change doctors or insurance (this includes ones given at birth).  The data base doesn't link to Oregon.

    3.  Depending on your labor, you want to be close to your hospital.  I went from 5 cm to 9 cm in 20 min while being admitted.  I would not have made it too far away! 

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  • I'm glad you asked this and am also in your same boat. This is #2 for us, but we are new to the area and I don't know anything about the hospitals around here. Hope we see a couple more answers! :)
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  • I live in Vancouver, but just delivered at Emanuel because I wanted a water birth.  I LOVED the midwifery group that I transferred care to (we moved here in May), and was so happy with the choice we made to have our baby in Portland.  If you are going for a standard birth experience, I would just use the closest hospital though. 
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