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I just got off the phone with DH.  He called to let me know that he is heading to a baseball game tonight with work.  Apparently the seats are behind home plate, so he felt that that was just cause for going.  This is after he told me this morning that he was going to skip his golf league tonight so he could come home and spend some time with me and DD because he has only been home one night this week.  I wouldn't normally be annoyed, but this is also the 6th game this season that he "had to go to because the seats are just too good to pass up and free."  He will be at a golf tournament and dinner all day and night tomorrow.  I'm not his mom, and I'm not going to tell him what he can and can not do, but it seems we are going to need to talk a bit about our schedule. 

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Re: Grrrr

  • WHen this happens to my DH I'm always torn.  Part of me is excited for him that he gets to go and do something so fun, part of me is insanely jealous that *I* don't get to go to something so fun, and part of me is disappointed he's missing out on family time with his kids, and part of me is pissed I get solo parent duty at the hard time of day.
  • i'd be pissed! he gets lots of fun stuff it sounds like - i'm sure he works really really hard at work but you said he's playing golf tomorrow night and gets dinner so wouldn't he want to come home and spend time with you?? tell him forget it!!
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