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3rd Trimester

Your Weight Gain Pattern

How did your weight come on throughout your pregnancy?

So far, I gained about 7lb in the first and 10lb in the second. I haven't gained anything in the third, maybe b/c of killer heartburn. I was on the low end to start so I probably need to gain another 8lb at a min. Just curious about how it worked out for others!

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Re: Your Weight Gain Pattern

  • I've gained about 23 lbs so far, but most of it was in the 2nd tri.  I haven't gained much weight at all the last three/four weeks, but I'm eating the same way I did throughout the entire pregnancy.  I think our bodies just know what to do (as long as you are eating normally).  I was a normal weight before getting pregnant and stayed active up until week 36 or so.  I stopped because of the pelvis pressure/pain. 
  • Hm, I think I gained about 3 lbs. the first trimester, then 13 in the second and maybe 1 or 2 in the 3rd, so far. Last I checked I was up 16-17 total but I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks.
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  • As of today I've gained about 14 pounds total.. give or take a few pounds I guess. I'm actually somewhat confused as to how this happens, but some days I will weigh myself (in the morning always) and I will have gained 2 pounds.. but the next day or so afterwards I will weigh myself again and I will be back down 2 pounds?? My only guess is that it's water weight .. I'm living in Florida so I figure the heat/humidity doesn't exactly help me keep water weight gain at a minimum lol...

    I think every woman's body gains weight differently, (and in different places .. mine is in my behind/thighs .. lovely isn't it) and as long as it's a healthy weight gain then I'm sure our bodies know what is a safe amount to gain :-)

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  • I have gain 15-17 so far. 15 as of this morning, but last week was up 17 so I may have just lost some water. I have gained 11lb since 12 weeks, according to my doc so 4-6 in the first tri. I expect to stay under 20 at this point. My doc is very happy with my weight considering I exercise daily and eat healthy. H e said not to make myself sick by over eating (I was a little concerned at first), have faith in my body, and the baby takes what he needs.

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  • I started underweight, and with twins so my OB pushed me until I gained the 20 lbs by 20 weeks. Since then though I've gained pretty much only what the babies gain. At each ultra sound when they gestimate weight if between the 2 of them the've put on about 1.4 lbs thats near exactly what I've put on...I know I wont get anywhere near the 45-50 goal we originally set for weight gain but LOs are growing great so noone seems too concerned.
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  • I gained a ton of weight in the first trimester and then just a few more pounds throughout the rest of the pregnancy. I'm also in FL and totally agree about the water weight from the heat.  I've been fluctuating up and down 4 pounds at my weekly appointments these past few weeks. 
  • I gained about 3lbs in the first trimester, and then have continued to gain about a lb. a week ever since.  So at 30 weeks, I've gained a total of 21lbs.  With about 10 weeks to go, I'm hoping to top out around 30lbs.

    With my last pregnancy, this was the same pattern I seemed to follow as well, although I seemed to gain about 2lbs a week for the last couple weeks.  I gained 37 lbs total.

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  • Overall, I have gained about a pound a week since the beginning, with some weeks gaining nothing, some weeks gaining more than a pound.   Not my ideal , but whatever!  Just want a healthy baby :)

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  • I didn't gain any weight during the 1st tri, and I was up 11 lbs at week 24, 17 lbs at week 28, 23 lbs at week 32.  I'm continuing to exercise 4-5 times per week, meaning about 30-40 minutes on the elliptical and some light arm weights.  I'll do this as long as I can- I'd like to stay under 35 lbs- we'll see!!



  • I think I was up 4 pounds by the 12 week mark. I gained most in the second tri, but I can't remember how much and when. I also gained about 5 pounds at 32-36 weeks and now have remained the same. Total of 30 pounds... started at 129, now 159.
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  • I've gained about a half a pound a week, if averaged out. However, with my DD I also gained slowly but steadily until the last few weeks where I gained a LOT due to water retention - averaging about five pounds a week for three weeks.
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  • I've gained 6-8 pounds since I started my pregnancy. I did lose initially and gained it back, but I realize part of my gain is the baby, fluid, placenta etc. I'm watching closely most of my pregnancy what I eat, trying to focus on vegetables, fruits, lean protien etc and its helped me keep weight gain reasonable. That said I was slightly overweight to begin with so I didn't need to gain as much.
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  • I gained about 10 pounds in the first tri and 15 in the 2nd tri, so I'm up to 25 lbs. I haven't really been gaining weight in the 3rd but I have heard that it starts to pack on in the last month!
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  • mama31mama31
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    I have gained 25 pounds so far.  I gained 0 pounds in first tri, 20 pounds in 2nd, so far 5 pounds in 3rd.  Most of the weight gain was between 16-26 weeks. 
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  • I've gained 17 so far. I only gained a few in the first tri and the rest in the 2nd and 3rd. I had an u/s last week and the baby is measuring in the 50th percentile for his weight so I feel ok about the weight I've gained. My dr. initially wanted me to gain 35 lbs. for this pg but not sure if that is the way it's going to pan out. I feel I'm gaining about a lb. a week at this point but we'll see if it slows down or picks up.
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  • e_deloe_delo
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    You ladies sound like youre doing great. I am not that fortunate. I didn't gain any weight in months 1 or 2 but I gained 6#s in months 3 and 4. I gained 7 in month 5 and another 6 in months 6 and 7. Tongue Tied
  • gbtc01gbtc01 member

    I gained a pound a month for the longest time until about 3 weeks ago. now its more like a pound or 2 a week.

    I am up a total of 18 pounds and really hope it doesn't get much higher. I am a big girl and really don't relish the idea of pushing over 225 at delivery.

  • I've gained about 20 total so far. I had lost some weight in the first tri and wasn't back to baseline until 18 weeks. I'm not really sure how much of my weight was in the 2nd vs. 3rd tri.

  • I've gained 30 pounds, maybe 35, total.  I gained the bulk of it from the middle of my 2nd tri to the beginning of my 3rd.  For my last three appointments my weight has been exactly the same.

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  • I havent gainned any i have lost 15... but I started out over weight too so i am not upset about it. I can tell you with my first child I gainned 30 pounds all together  and the last 10 I put on two weeks before i had her.
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  • I gained about 4 pounds in the first trimester, 8 in the second, and 2 so far in the third trimester.  I'm up about 14 pounds total.  I'm on the low end, so I should probably be gaining a little more at this point. My MW said at least another 10-12 lbs would be good.
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  • I've gained 24. Only a pound or two in the first, most in the second and a few in the third.
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  • I lost over 15 lbs by 8wks- it started coming off when I was running with my collie, then continued because I lost my appetite. I hovered within +/- 4 lbs of that throughout the 2nd trimester. Now, I've just broken even with where I was at 10 weeks, which was 7 lbs below my starting weight, but it's what my OB has on record as my pre-preg weight- the rest of it was probably pudge that I lost from getting more active. There are still a few days that I've lost a few pounds and dipped below that again.

    My OB doesn't seem concerned, and I think in my family women tend to gain most of the weight in the last two months, so I'm not freaking out just yet, but I would prefer to have gained a little more by now. Baby was measuring great at my anatomy scan, but I'm not gaining anything, and my bump is really compact still, so I can get worried if I let myself dwell on it.
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  • I've gained 15 total so far.  Weight gain at first was drastic, i was up abouty 8lbs right away.  Then i would go up about 2-3lbs per month after that.  In the last couple months my weight gain has been pretty constant, up a few then down a few.  I'm still staying pretty active, my doctor is happy with my weight gain and doesn't seem concerned at all.
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  • I've gained a total of 6 pounds. I'm the weirdo that only loses weight when I get pregnant. I'm attempting to pack on some pounds during this last trimester.
  • Not only have I not gained any weight at all, I lost close to 10 pounds in the first trimester! However, we just had an appointment today and my doctor is not the least bit concerned. I definitely look like I am pregnant though!! :)
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  • I lost 3 in the first tri and the doc actually told me to have gained something by the time I came back for my next appointment (made my day!). About a month and a half after I had gained 10! Then I just slowly kept gaining through the 2nd and 3rd. Now at 36 weeks I've gained 22 lbs, but at my last appointment I had actually lost 1. I wasn't overweight, but also wasn't tiny to being with, so I'm happy with where I am at. If I can stick around 25-27 gained when all is said and done I'll be happy. Hopefully will lose about 10 with delivery anyways!
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