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has anybody been to sneak peak ultrasound in londonderry? Im dieing to find out the gender and i have read good things about them
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  • I have not been there but I see that you're 15 weeks along right now.   You should be having a 20 week ultrasound with your OB.    I would save the money and wait 5 more weeks, especially since baby doesn't always cooperate!
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  • I've not been there, but I have called to inquire about a 3D ultrasound.  Firstly, I agree with the PP that I'd save my money for now and get the ultrasound with my OB.  Then, if you have the spare money, I'd look into the 3D when your LO is further along.  Just an FYI, a 3D ultrasound at that location is $225, and that was with a 10% discount for first timers.  I decided it wasn't worth the cost and would wait to meet my LO when he decides to arrive.

    Good luck!

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  • I went there at 16 weeks to find out the gender of our baby. We were told we were having a girl but she wanted me to come back two weeks later to be 100% sure. We went back two weeks later and found out we were having a boy. I had my appt with my OB 5 days later to tell me we were having a boy. In my mind it was a waste of money....
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