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TTC while breastfeeding?

I really want to TTC soon, but still no AF. ?When did your AF return?

Re: TTC while breastfeeding?

  • You can TTC without getting your AF, your still ovulating, its just harder to chart. My DD is 8 1/2mo and I still don't have AF
  • DD is 10 months and still no AF here either
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  • Lucky you:) I got my period 11 weeks pp and am still BF at 16 1/2 months!  Anyway, I am 5 weeks pg with #2 and still BF DS#1 3 times a day. I read a bit about it, it is fine assuming you are of good health.

    This is some good info for you about fertility and BF:



  • I got mine back at exactly 1 year pp. It arrived the night before my DD"s first birthday.
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  • I got AF w/ DD1 at 9 mo when I stopped pumping.  I got PG the weekend of her 1st birthday.  DD2 is 10.5 mo and I haven't gotten AF yet.
  • Mine came back at about 8 months.
  • I just got mine today but i think it came because I started to semi wean. I am only pumping once at work instead of three times.
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  • I think this is my second AF (I am on the minipill and have break through bleeding too). ?I got mine back 9/26 (DS was one yr)?

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  • I got AF at 14 mos. while I was still EBF. I got pg that same month :-)

    I had been on the minipill until 12 mos.

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