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Pregnant and Laid-Off

I am currently almost 6 months pregnant with our first child, a son, Owen.

Today I found out the company I work for is shutting its doors and all the employees are being laid-off. Left with out a job in this economy and in this current state is a very uneasy feeling.

My husband has a good job and makes decent money but we can not get by on one income.

Does anyone know of any resources available in situations like this? I am worried we are going to make just enough to not get help but not enough to get by.  Any help or info anyone has would be appreciated.


Re: Pregnant and Laid-Off

  • I'm sorry you were laid off.     That's really hard even when you're not pregnant. 

    Your OB's office should have information about resources in your area.  Other than that, I'm not really sure.   Good luck to you. 

  • Try and contact a group like "Options for Women."  I have heard they have a lot of great resourses and ideas to help get you through. Also, if your concerned about hospital bills, call around to local hosptial and talk to them about it. I have heard that some hospitals will work out a price with you. You have to pay the set amount up front but the overall cost is usually drastically reduced. I am in a similar situation and these are things I have been told to try as well.

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  • thank you for the information, i will look into all these options!


  • Also look into the NH Healthy Kids program.  If your income is low enough they will help with medical bills for you during pregnancy & the baby.  Good luck!
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