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GD and Induction???

Hi, there!

How many of you who have GD are or will be induced?  My doctor said that they go along with the American Academy of obstetrics and gynecology recommend that those with GD not go past their due dates. 

Is anyone getting induced?  If you were induced last time, how did it go? 

She wants to strip my membranes at 39 weeks 2 days (my next appointment).  Would you allow this? 

Thanks in advance! 

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Re: GD and Induction???

  • I have GD and so far my baby is big...weighing in at 5.7lbs at 33 wks. My Dr will let not let me go past my due date either...but he said he would also like me to get to 39wks. He mentioned that even though LO is big they still want full development.  He has not talked about induction. Im really hoping to have a vaginal delivery but I suppose I may not have too many choices.  Just as long as me and the baby get through it ok, it wont matter how LO came in to this world :)

    I have no idea what "stripping membranes" means.....explain?


    Good luck!

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  • I've been thinking a lot about this lately so I'm curious to see how others respond. I'm only at 30 weeks right now, but I did ask my doctor last week about possibly being induced.  He confirmed that they do not allow GD patients to go past their due date. I haven't had any tests done yet about the baby's size/well-being so I'm trying to keep an open-mind.


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  • I had my first NST yesterday and things were great. I have another Monday, which is my EDD. I am "scheduled" for induction on Tuesday, but really, I am just going to be monitored by my MW for a few minutes. If everything has been good, then we will "reschedule" and continue to wait. She hasn't measured big and neither has my fundal height. 

    Please remember you are an individual, not a diagnosis, and if everything is good with your numbers and your baby, you do not have to be forced into anything.  

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  • I think it depends on individual cases, if your baby is measuring big, there's definitely a case for it. But if your baby's weight and size is spot-on, your AFI levels are good and your glucose levels are great I would definitely think about it. Basically if the baby isn't in any distress and is of a healthy weight then I'm not sure I see the need for an induction 'just in case' . 


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  • With diet controlled GD, my doctor will induce between 40 and 41 weeks, and she'll try to get closer to 41 weeks if she can. That's provided everything else looks good (NSTs going well, sugars are controlled, etc).

     Now that I'm insulin controlled, its trickier. Insulin can cause the placenta to break down more quickly, so as long as things look good, we'll set an induction date between 39 and 40 weeks. I won't be allowed to go past 40 weeks, though. Ideally, I'd like to be closer to 40 weeks than 39, but I trust my doctor's judgement. 

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  • I am insulin dependent and unless I go on my own before then, I will not go past 40 weeks, possibly 39 depending on how NSTs and BPPs look. My doctor has tossed out the idea of sweeping my membranes around 38-39 weeks to see if we can avoid another pitocin induction. I am willing to let him once I hit 39 weeks, but not any sooner.

    I was insulin dependent with DD and induced at 38w6d. She was born at 39w2d, so it was a looooong induction. It went very well, though, and I had an easy vaginal delivery.

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  • gy86gy86 member

    I have GD (diet controlled) and my midwife knows I want a natural childbirth free of as many medical interventions as possible.  The day I got the GD diagnosis I was in tears because I was so scared now I would have no choice but to be induced, be continually monitored, have an IV in my arm the whole time, no freedom of movement, and a whole host of additional testing done to my poor newborn baby girl!  She assured me this was not the case; in fact, because my blood sugars have been so well-controlled, she was able to petition the rest of her medical team to treat me as an individual rather than another "GD diagnosis." 

    That being said, I did throw them a bone and agreed to one growth scan @ 37 weeks (baby was measuring around 40% percentile; not too big & not too small) and one NST that they did yesterday (she was pretty much sleeping the whole time which frustrated me and I was freaking out about having to be strapped into stuff, but my midwife said they got enough readings -- the techs were saying they didn't though; ha!) 

    There has been no talk of induction.  I've been 75% effaced, 2 cm dilated, and baby's been around -1/almost 0 station for over a week now; my midwife doesn't think I'll go past my due date and she has not said a thing about medical induction being pushed upon me if I were to. 

    I'm totally willing to experiment with natural methods of induction though... I hear sex is great for jump-starting labor... unfortunately my partner wants nothing to do with anything sexual about me until well after the baby's born.  :-(

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  • I talked to my doctor about induction at my last appt. He doesn't prefer to do inductions unless the cervix is ready. He said he'll do internal exams at my upcoming appts and see what my cervix is looking like at 39 weeks. He doesn't want to induce before 39 weeks or before my cervix is ready.

    I would really like to go into labor naturally. With having GD, I don't want to go past my due date if at all possible. I'm going to ask my doctor about Evening Primrose Oil. Hopefully he'll let me use it to see if that helps my cervix out.

    I don't see anything wrong with letting your doctor strip your membranes at 39 weeks. It would be good to go into labor naturally without induction and if stripping the membranes will help... why not? 


    I have no idea what "stripping membranes" means.....explain?

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  • I had GD last pregnancy and went before my induction.  Since my natural labors are fast (4h) and I am GBS+ they would like me to make it to my induction date and are talking about late 38 weeks, but even my midwife says there isn't much chance I'll make it.


    So to those of you who are still early... don't worry too much about it until its time since there is a good chance you will go on your own. 

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  • My Dr allowed me to go until 40 weeks and 3 days since I was diet controlled. The plan was to break my water at 8am on the 20th. I went into labor on my own at 2am on the 20th :) She still broke my water though.
  • When I was diagnosed with GD, I was told that I would not be allowed to go past 39 weeks. This also hinges on the size of baby. I am having weekly u/s and I'm guessing around 37-38 weeks if the size gets too large they will probably induce/plan a C-section.
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  • I went to the doctor's today and my doctor asked me did they give me an induction date I told her no.  Since I go every Wednesday for growth U/Ss I will find out next week. I must have been a week behind because I was thinking I was 32 weeks, but today they said I was 33 weeks and she weighs 4lbs and 11oz supposively I guess.
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