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Nanny share for a 14 month old in Oak Grove

My son will be attending Clairmont Presbyterian Church from 845a-12p M-Th. I will need someone to take and pick up and keep until 5-530p. I will also need all day on Fridays. My schedule changes a lot from week to week, so sometimes I will be in my home office and I can take care of him myself if I am not swamped with work. So, I would would love someone who is flexible. I am looking for a nanny share or maybe another mother who has kids who go to that preschool, who might be interested in taking him home with her???... We are a good family and we are getting a little nervous because we can't find anyone and we are moving in the next couple of weeks. We will be in the Briarwood Hills subdivision. Any recommendations would be helpful and much appreciated! Thks!

Re: Nanny share for a 14 month old in Oak Grove

  • I am still looking, so if anyone has any suggestions or can just pass the word around...that wouold be wonderful! It is so hard being a working mom worrying about childcare on top of moving to a new area!

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  • Hi! I too live in the Oak Grove area. I am right off Briarcliff and Oak Grove Road. I was previously a teacher for 7 years and have recently had a baby boy, who is now 3 months old so I have decided to be a stay at home. I would love to still continue to work with children, so when I saw your need, I was thrilled and working with your child in my home is ideal. I would love to know if you are still looking and any more information. 

     Talk to you soon,


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  • Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for replying to me! My email address is [email protected]. If you would like to talk some more, just shoot me an email so we can chat a little bit about what I am needing. I look forward to talking with you some more!


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