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Just wanted to introduce myself over on this board. I've been on the multiples board for awhile now, but haven't really expanded over to any other ones. There are not too many mommies on the ND board. Anyone from Jamestown here?
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  • My Mom grew up in Jamestown.  And my Aunt lives just out of town and my cousins graduated from Jamestown High. 

    I keep hoping if we all start posting that other ND mommies will start joining in after they find us!

  • Hi welcome, Im not from jamestown but my dad is from there and i have visited many times. This is a slow board but maybe it will start to pick up a bit.
  • I forgot to say you have adorable babies, and I love the names my LO's middle name is Elizabeth
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    My husband's family is from south of Jamestown, but we live in Fargo.  But I've spent a lot of time in Jamestown when we go to the farm to visit.  =)
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