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Always double check, a minor vent...

Okay, so Jared is mostly a SAHD, so a few days ago, when he said Liam has no clothes that fit him any more, I believed him. I figured, "Well, he's the one who's home all day; he should know." Right?

So, yesterday, Jared was the musical entertainment at the farmers' market in a nice town that's about an hour away, and they have an amazing children's clothing consignment store. Jared reminds me that Liam has *no clothes that fit him* so to make sure to go buy size 3 months or 6 months clothes sometime while he's playing.

I got a bunch of cute things, and I'm putting them away today while I'm putting away another basket of laundry. It's not that Liam had NO CLOTHES that fit him; it's that Jared must have picked up one or two things from the laundry basket that were small sizes and assumed that nothing was his current sizes and stopped looking and putting laundry away.

So, now Liam has a crazy wardrobe. *Sigh* From now on, I will always double check.


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Re: Always double check, a minor vent...

  • At least you know you'll eventually need those larger sizes, right? And luckily clothes don't go bad.

    Thanks to being the 4th or 5th couple in our circle of friends to have a boy, we received a ridiculous number of hand me downs. LO's wardrobe is beyond ridiculous. He has three full drawers of just 0-3 month clothing.

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  • hey this way you are prepared! everytime i see liams pouty picture it makes my heart smile. we have a few onsies that are size "3 to 9 months" that seems kinda strange to me..

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  • I had to chuckle since this sounds like something my DH would totally do.
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  • Normally, I'm not a fan of venting about "men" since I'm a "feminist scholar"--why be sexist, right?, this seemed like a "guy thing." I almost feel like I need to start booking social engagements for Liam so he has places to wear all of his 3-6 month clothes now Stick out tongue
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  • Wow, there is something to be said for "Guy Things" Here is my problem though, I went through all of Jack's clothes because he was getting "wedgies" from his 3 month onesies.  So I got out the bin of bigger clothes and washed the very few short sleeve 6 month outfits he  has, all of his 6 month clothes are long sleeve fall type clothes.  I was thinking he wouldn't be huge because he was only 6lb 9oz at birth.   I was wrong he is growing daily!! So I need to really take inventory and see what we have, what we need and a friend sent me a HUGE box of hand me downs but I  think that they are 9-18 mos sizes.  We'll see.

     One thing I have done to combat the "guy thing" is to hang a fabric shoe holder on the door and put in each pocket an outfit that fits and matches so that dh can't say he can't find anything. It's also easier for me to see what he has. 

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  • imageStarJay:

    At least you know you'll eventually need those larger sizes, right? And luckily clothes don't go bad.

    This isn't necessarily true. Depending on the change of seasons and how long it takes for the baby to grow into the next size, the clothes may not work.

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