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Pregnant after 35

If this is your first and you want another

How long will you wait to get P again?  I was initially thinking a 2 year spread might be good for my LO's, but I gave birth at (almost) 36, and now everyone around me is saying, "Maybe it would be wise to get P again sooner...given your age and all."

I had such an easy pregnancy.   Are you making your age a consideration for your next one?

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Re: If this is your first and you want another

  • We did.  If I weren't 43, I think I would have been more comfortable with 3 years between each.  Ah, well.  We might try for a third, and if we do we'd start after this next one is a year old.
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  • I'm 36... will be about 36 1/2 (ha!) when the baby comes.  Ideally I'd like to wait two years before TTC again.  I want to give my body time to recover, I don't want to have to cut breastfeeding short, and I'd like to get a little settled into motherhood and enjoy this baby before I have to worry about another pregnancy.  I'd also like to avoid the expense of having 2U2 in daycare.  :)  My husband wants to start trying pretty much right away... which, short of an "oops" is just NOT happening.  Anyway, I can't wait to see if he's singing the same tune when this baby is here... 

    My age definitely makes me wonder if maybe we should start a little sooner, like after 1 1/2 years.  But- I got pregnant right away, and so far the pregnancy's going quite smoothly... so that makes me a little less concerned about it.  I'm just going to kind of play it by ear and see how things go when this LO arrives... 

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  • Ideally we would like 2 children, but I'll be 37 1/2 when I have this one and this pregnancy has not exactly been easy so far.  I think we're going to play it by ear on the when and if of future pregnancies. 
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  • Yes, we would like to try for another. I am currently 36. Our LO is schedule to make his appearance 4 months shy of my 37th birthday. So, we would like to wait at least a year before trying again. We just want to get our first LO here safe and sound. We are so blessed to be pregnant. Anything after his arrival will just be icing on the cake. 
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  • After "congratulations!" the next thing I hear is, "Are you going to have another?"

    What is that?  Seriously, let me get this one out first.

    I'd really like another - my relationships with my sisters are so precious to me that I want that for my kid(s) but I also waffle....I want to enjoy this baby...and make sure he has time to be a baby before another one comes into the picture.

    I'm just not sure.  While my pregnancy hasn't been the worst, it hasn't been the best, either.  Quite frankly, I don't particularly enjoy being pregnant (I know, I know) so I think if we have another it will be an adoption.Age plays less into it for me but...gaack...can you tell I've thought about this until my head spins?


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  • I'll be 38 when I give birth (you all are making me feel old!!) and right now we don't plan on having another. BUT all that can change after s/he is here :)
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  • We did too.  I had my first at 38 and I am now 40.. we didn't wait and were so lucky to get pregnant fairly easily.. I'm a bit freaked out b/c my daughter is only 20 months old.. but I think that it will be so nice for them to be so close, as well.

    We didn't want to wait.. bc you never know what could happen.

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  • I did. I had DS1 at 33 and swore I would have all my kids before I turned 35. I didn't want to be considered AMA (advanced maternal age). So we got pregnant again when DS1 was 8 months and I had DS2 one month before I turned 35 :) Great planning!!!! They are 17 months apart and it is so awesome now that they are older. It was hard when DS2 started crawling but eventually it got easier....day by day. Yes, of course they fight, but they play together ALL the time!!!!

    Well, I always wanted 3 kids for some unknown reason. I am an only child which could have something to do with it. I said screw it. Let's just have one more. So now DS3 will be here 8/15!!!! I am 38 years old. Last one for sure!!!!!!! I also really really don't like being pregnant - I hate the journey but love the result :)

    P.S. So glad we saved everything!!!!!

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    I am not sure we can have another - I have DOR and we were headed for IVF and then this happened.

    I always thought I wanted two, but I really think I have to see how delivery goes, and how we do as parents.

    Say things went well and we did want another - I would want to do it sooner than later, due to age. Meaning in a year, not two or three. I I am 35 now and do worry about genetic def ects and such the older I get. Lots of women have babies at 40 and are fine, but I know the risk increases.

    Lots to decide - I don't want back on hormonal birth control ever, we both hate condoms..so we may just do NFP or "see what happens". Not sure.

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  • This is our second but we waited only 8 months until we started trying again as we weren't sure how easy it would be. It took us some time and medical intervention to get pregnant again. We wanted the kids to be 2 years apart in age - and that's how it will work out, so it's great for us. This will be our last child.
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  • I'm 38 and DH is quite a bit older than I am, so I'm just not sure if he will be up for another child.   For sure our ages are big factors.  I would love to have a second child, so I guess we'll just have to see how things go in the next year or so.  I was in and out of the hospital for the last half of my pregnancy with pre-term labor problems, and was on bedrest for more than 3 months, so if we try for another, I would hope like he!! that things go a little easier with the second pregnancy.  But in the meantime, I think I just need to focus on the baby that I have, and enjoy every minute, and not look too far into the future. 


  • I've been wondering the same thing. It's sooo hard to think of it now because my first instinct tells me I don't want to go thru pregnancy again, and I will just be soo happy to have my one child, but I don't know how I will feel after!? In a perfect world, I would love to have another, but I just don't know if that is in the cards for me (of course (and unfortunately) age being a factor).


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  • I am only 7 weeks pregnant with my fiirst but am already thinking about the second one. I am 39 and will be 4 months shy of my 40th when this one is born. I am thinking I may want to start trying sometime in the fall after this one is born. I don't want to wait to long becauseof the risks.
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  • I have already told my hubby if you wait until I am forty it is over I don't want to spend the end of my life taking care of kids...  So in two years I will make up mind on if we should do this again...  I kinda want one more so they will have some to learn on in time of trouble I know that my sisters and brother are a blessing to me and I want the samething for my child but I also must say that my hubby has a 13 yrs old son living in another state so my baby is really not alone....
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