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Cramps - AF or IUD pain?

I've had what feels like constant cramps for days now but no AF yet... I'm a little paranoid it might be complications/side effect with my IUD that's been in for about a month now. It's not really cramping but constant cramp like pain allover my lower stomach... and a more acute pain in my left ovary (I think).

Has anyone else had this with their IUD? Or lots of cramping for days before your first period after baby? TIA.

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Re: Cramps - AF or IUD pain?

  • I've been cramping for over a month now and no AF yet.  I wish it would just start.  I know some one who recently got an IUD and has been complaining of the cramping as well.  They didn't recently have a baby though.  Give your Doc a call just in case.
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