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MTHFR and no aspirin?

Tested positive for homo C677T MTHFR. Homocysteine and other tests were negative. Doc said I wouldn't need aspirin/lovenox but everything I've read on here shows that people still take aspirin? Would it hurt to just take a baby aspirin every day to be safe?
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Re: MTHFR and no aspirin?

  • I take baby asprin for MTHFR as well as a high dose of colic acid, B6, B12. I would speak to your doctor again. Ask why it isn't necessary for you and express your concerns. If it were me, I wouldn't just start a Med without my doctor's confirmation.
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  • After I was diagnosed with homo c677t MTHFR I was referrend to a hematologist.  She suggested I take daily baby aspirin for the rest of my life.  Maybe you should see a hematologist.  Now that I'm pregnant I'm on Neevo prenatals for MTHFR, baby aspirin and Folgard (high dose folic acid and B vitamins).
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