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Any moms here with germ OCD?

I have struggled with germ OCD and major phobias for a long time. Now that I've had my baby, it's gotten even worse. Do you know how hard it is to have kids, when you don't want them to touch anything? :)

 How do you cope? I'd be interested in hearing any of your stories. I also want to mention that I have a blog where I'm trying to express what it's like to struggle with this. You can find me here: 

I'd be happy to have you visit, comment, share your stories. 

Re: Any moms here with germ OCD?

  • One way it gets better is by having a 2nd child. Paci falls on floor with FIRST child? Hot water rinse! STAT! Paci falls on floor with SECOND child? A quick swipe on your pant leg and right back in their piehole it goes!


  • Ugh, you'd think so, but it's actually gotten much worse. (Some of my reasons are detailed on my blog.) I'm not as freaky about OMG MUST STERILIZE THE PACIFIER (if it falls on OUR floor at home), but everything else OCD-wise is just out of control. Even though I'm on meds. :(
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