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Yet another MIL rant!(long)

Ok so my MIL has been a huge PITA from the day I met her. She is completely psycho and just a complete looney bin. Even her own daughter can't stand her. ANYWAYS, we invited her (DH did anyway, I could care less if I ever see her again) to go to the 3D ultrasound a long time ago and she acted all excited. Now its scheduled for 3 weeks and if she doesn't go I want to bring my dad and step mom since they weren't really apart of anything when DS was born(long story but basically rekindled a very bad relationship with my dad) so now I really want him to be involved. When DH asked her today she said, well, can I think about it? then my DH who just plays into all her ridiculousness (he's the only one in the whole fam who feels bad for her) and said well ok just let me know in a few weeks, I said NO if my fam is going to be invited they need some time so they don't plan anything else. Then she says, well if I say yes now, can I change my mind in case something else comes up? OKAY Beeeoch, if you don't want to go and see your granddaughter then don't friggin go. I would much rather it be that way anyways but I keep my mouth shut as much as I can for DH's sake because its still his mother. So she was basically sayin well I'll go but as long as nothing else better comes up. UGH, I really hate her. If you have read any of my other posts, I had also posted how she decided she's going out of town 2 days after DD's birthdate. I'm having a csection. Sorry so long, I just REALLY needed to vent!

Re: Yet another MIL rant!(long)

  • That's infuriating.  Obviously, she needs to make up her mind.  I would call her myself at this point and tell her you need a definite answer one way or the other.  If she can't give it to you, just tell her that at this point you need to be able to make definite plans so, you will be inviting your father instead.

    Honestly, she is the way she is, I would WAY more ticked at my husband right now if I were you.  He did not choose his mother.  I understand that he loves her and wants to keep her happy however, he DID choose to be with you.  He needs to take that seriously and be an advocate for what is the best thing for your family, not just the easiest thing for his relationship with his mother.

    If you were being unreasonable, I would totally tell you :)  Expecting to be able to plan this event and be able to include family if possible is NOT unreasonable. Frankly, you are being extremely generous by giving her right of first refusal. 

  • Just invite your Dad and step mom. Reason is she might call day of and cancel. If she does show fine.
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  • Can't you invite both her and your parents? That would seem to solve the problem...
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  • I get why you're frustrated about the 3-D ultrasound, but now I'm confused about the 'going out of town thing'. If you can't stand the woman, why would you care if she's in town 2 days AFTER your LO is born?
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  •  Hey ladies thanks for the responses. I can't bring both because we have to go an hour and a half away to get to the ultrasound and neither one will drive that far and they won't all fit in my car with DS. Secondly, the only reason I care that she is leaving 2 days after is because we have a 2 year old and we were hoping to have a little help after I get out of the hospital. I had a really bad c-section experience the first time and pretty much couldn't get off of the couch to take care of DS (which I Hated!) but DH had to do everything and was up all day and all night and it was nice to have some help come over for a little bit so he could get some sleep. Besides, I could care less about how I feel about her but my children's relationship with her has nothing to do with the relationship we have. Just sayin.
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